Marcie Arnold Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marcie Arnold funeral bulletin coverMarcie Arnold was a beautiful girl who God used greatly in her 23 years to touch many people’s lives. Marcie had a very tender heart for “fringe” kids who had great needs and challenges. Marcie with her gift of mercy and encouragement would love others with the unconditional love of Christ, helping them to experience the heart of Jesus through her tender words and caring heart. The sacrifice she made in her life, to compassionately develop relationships and care for people, forever changed the lives of those she touched. Even in her death, many of us were challenged to move to a deeper level spiritually. It is our hope that any student who wants to attend a Youth for Christ Conference but cannot afford it will be able to attend with the help of The Marcie Arnold Memorial Scholarship Fund. Through your generosity and willingness to partner with us in memory of Marcie, Youth for Christ can continue to bless the many students who might otherwise never know the love of Christ.

Picture of kids helped by this fund Picture of kids helped by this fund