Legacy Giving

We are passionate about sharing Jesus with young people. Why? Because we are convinced it is only through the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit that we can successfully navigate the difficulties we all inevitably face.

We are also committed to helping people of all ages be good stewards of the blessings we've received, for as the Bible says, "freely you have received; freely give" (Matthew 10:8).

MMYFC can help you plan for your future, and share your blessings with others for years to come, through our LEGACY GIVING program.



MMYFC can help you set up a Will through a FREE online tool called FREEWILL. CLICK HERE to learn how you can receive personalized help in completing your Last Will and Testament. 

If you already have MMYFC in your Will/Estate Plan, please let us know by calling 410-967-5991, Mark Miller. We want to thank you and make sure your instructions are carried out.



A lasting legacy has two parts -- living well and leaving well. Our Estate Design Services by Lifestyle Giving will help you bless the people and ministries that captured your heart long after you have left this world.

We also know that leaving well is best accomplished when it is first considered as a heart exercise before a document-drafting exercise -- "It's spiritual before it's mechanical". We will help you think through your relationships and your passions, then help you draft a plan with those priorities in mind.

Our Legacy Giving Coach will help you design a comprehensive and personalized estate plan that will ensure that the people and ministries close to your heart will continue to be blessed through your estate long after your passing.

Click here for a copy of our ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE.

Please watch our "A House In Order" Estate Planning SEMINAR: https://vimeo.com/397193706

Click here for a Lifestlye Giving Fillable Inventory Form.



Please feel free to contact our Legacy Giving Team to pursue the above ways of giving, or with any questions you may have. 

Mark R. Miller, Legacy Giving Coach --  Mark.Miller@mmyfc.org    or   Cell/Text: 410-967-5991

Stephen Kaiss, Executive Director MMYFC -- Stephen.Kaiss@mmyfc.org  or  410-868-9429