We Believe In You(th) ’23


November 13-17, 2023

Join us for We Believe In You(th) Week 2023!

We are back with an all-out campaign for the young people of this region. A campaign that has turned into a movement to unite our communities around the truth that we believe in our youth. We have had people from all over Maryland engage in this movement of WE BELIEVE IN YOU(TH) — and as young people reached out and said thank you we saw that our words and our encouragement matter. Will you join us again this year? On November 13-17, 2023, YFC will celebrate the 2nd Annual WE BELIEVE IN YOU(TH) Week across Baltimore and the surrounding areas to ensure our young people know in these times we will rally around them in unity when they need us because we believe in them. Young people, WE BELIEVE IN YOU. We believe in your future, and we value what you have to offer. We see your strength shining through it all, and we will go all out on your behalf.

We Believe In Youth '23

3 minutes 48 seconds

We Believe in You(th)

Here Are Ways You Can Join In

Share a message for young people saying we believe in them using #WBIYweek
Make a 30 second video telling our youth why you believe in them! Share with #WBIYweek
Write a young person a letter to tell them why you believe in them!
Churches, tell your youth you believe in them & pray over them this week.
Teachers & educators, tell your students why you believe in them!
Grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles, make a video call to the youth in your life.

Want to be a Campaign Sponsor?

Help us make WBIY Week happen by helping us cover the costs that make this possible!